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Organic Malak Coconut Oil Also called Coconut Butter, this oil is a popular ingredient for its protective, softening and emollient properties on the skin. Exotic and with a heavenly smell, it is also used to create hair care to give shine and vigor to the hair. She is also fabulous in the kitchen! It is suitable for everyone, and particularly for dry and...

Anti hair loss with Argan by Malak Bio, the mask with organic and natural argan oil, neither perfume nor animal material is a certified ANTI-HAIR LOSS mask, nourishing and regenerating, suitable for all hair types especially fine hair, it is not only an anti-hair loss but also a restructuring and repairing of dry and damaged hair.

 Argan Dry Hair Care by Malak Bio is a miracle product, both for the body and for the hair. It must be said that women have been using it for centuries as a treatment for curly hair and to moisturize their skin in a natural way. Today, this all-purpose vegetable oil is found everywhere, and especially as a shampoo for curly hair.