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Our essential oils are all 100% pure and natural. They are sold as "raw materials" to make your mixtures.

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Orange blossom essential oil by Malak Bio, Its exceptional fragrance rebalances the nervous system: it calms and relaxes but it also helps to be positive. This oil helps to soothe anxiety, stress and sleep disorders and promotes feelings of inner peace. Inhaled, the fragrance of the neroli essential oil soothes, relaxes and helps fight the blues.

Verbena essential oil by Malak Bio reveals a sweet and lemony scent. It is widely known as a support in case of low morale, stress and sleep disorders. Lemongrass essential oil is also very popular in psycho-energetic olfactotherapy: it helps to control fears and free oneself from mental fixations. It also invites us to extricate ourselves from tendencies...

 Rose oil by Malak Bio is magical. With a powerful, flowery and bewitching scent, it is an ally to fight against the signs of time. Tonic, it is also a fabulous oil in terms of energy, with harmonizing and aphrodisiac properties. In olfactotherapy and in emotional management, it enters in particular into the composition of synergies related to heart...