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Anti Aging Cream with Organic Argan oil

Anti-aging with organic argan oil from Malak Bio, to maintain smooth and radiant skin, it is essential to maintain it very early by providing it with a good dose of hydration. Exactly what argan oil will do in depth. Your best anti-aging ally so to speak. It will even do more: it is the only oil to offer an action that is both restructuring and antioxidant (vitamins E).



-It makes your skin soft and supple.

-It helps you restore its elasticity.

-Helps cell renewal and nourishes your skin.

- And Argan oil neutralizes free radicals and acts on soft tissues.


Dab the cream onto your face and neck following an upward circular direction to massage the creaminto your skin.


Based on: organic argan oil, and shea butter.

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