About us

MALAK BIO is a leading moroccan producer and exporters of natural Argan Oils for culinary and cosmetic use, Bio Prickly Pear seed Oils, Essential Oils, Moroccan Black soaps, Henna, Alum Stone, Ghassoul Clay,Spas, Hotels & Massage Centers Products besides Argan Based Cosmetic Products

We are based south of Morocco in Agadir city and we have been providing pure argan oils and argan based products with long tradition in carrying for consumer’s health and beauty

Our products are currently sold in many countries on the 5 continents.

Our company produces a wide range of cosmetic products with natural ingredients.

The modern equipment in the workshops, the remarkable scientific and human resources, and closed production cycle, enable us to offer you

• Trusted quality certificated Argan Oil meeting the highest world standards

• Purest quality Argan Oil.

• High quality Cosmetic & Moroccan products.
All our oils have internationally recognised AB certification.by Ecocert NOP/USDA

The company is a reliable partner that can guarantee the continual high quality of its products and prompt deliveries to its clients

The mission of MALAK BIO is to provide high quality products to its consumers that contribute to their health and beauty.

Malak Bio strives for continuing growth to benefit investors and employees by building mutually beneficial relationships with business partners and by encouraging and supporting the professional development of its employees.

Argan oil sales growth in the health and beauty industry will be through increased product awareness and education for consumers on the many benefits of Argan Oil. Through partnering and networking with other companies and professionals all over the world, Malak Bio will become the first choice when buying Argan Oil products. When someone mentions Argan oil, Malak Bio will be the first company to contact.

Our people are dedicated to promoting the Argan oil industry as well as the natural beauty products industry. Our people are dedicated to the quality and purity of our products as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

All products produced and distributed by MALAK BIO contain natural ingredients, the leading concern of the company being caring for people’s health and the environment. In keeping with this, MALAK BIO has adopted a multi-level approach, including:

All our production lines are ecologically safe

The packages for plastic tubes are fully recyclable.

A quality control system, complying with the standards of the ECOCERT

MALAK BIO works with well-established suppliers of raw-materials


The best guarantee for MALAK BIO success is our new market-oriented business philosophy, at the core of which stand our clients. It is our firm belief that only people with excellent professional qualifications can achieve results that we can be proud of.

This is the reason why our priorities include:

– Improving the qualification and the professional skills of our team members, assisting the development of their talents, which in turn increase their contribution toward common goal of the company.

– Encouraging the corporate spirit, which lead to job satisfaction and improves the professional performance of our employees.

– The development and implementation of modern marketing strategies, tailored to the needs of each separate market.

– The development of a modern and scientifically based in-novation programme that can meet the demands of existing and new markets.

– The implementation of modern production and quality control technologies and standards that can guarantee the purity of our natural products